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Lexical-Grammar Test                  Olympiad       Grade 9

I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense-form:

We are very proud of our firm's record. We 1__ (make) biscuits since 1815 and 2 __   (gain) many awards for our goods. My great-great-grandfather 3__(found) the firm. He first 4__ (work) as a baker's apprentice and when he 5__ (learn) the trade, he 6 __ (go) into business on his own, with the help of some money a kindly uncle 7__(lend) him. This uncle also 8__ (give) him an old family recipe for making biscuits. My great-great-grandfather soon 9__ (find) that the biscuits sold very well, and when he 10__ (pay) his debt to his uncle, he 11__ (give up) baking bread and 12__ (devote) all his energies to making biscuits. He soon 13__ (make) even more money and the reputation of the biscuits 14 __(spread) far and wide. Since his days we 15 _ (perfect) our methods of making biscuits but we 16__ (not be able) to find a better recipe than the original one. We 17 ___ (produce) many different sorts of biscuits but none 18 ___ (sell) so well as The Old Favourite.

II. Put in articles where necessary:

For 1__ fortnight each summer we used to rent 2 __same house by 3__ sea. The house whose owner worked with my uncle, was located on 4 __ very cliff top overlooking 5         English Channel.

Although it was only 6___ couple of hours' drive to 7 __ place from our house, it took us nearly 8__ week to make 9__ preparations for 10__ journey.


OLYMPIAD 2012/2013

Form 8

I. Complete the sentences with look at/ after/ for/ through/ forward. Use appropriate tenses.

1.     My grandmother has fallen ill and I have to (ухаживатьза) her.

2.     When I came in my sister was (просматривать) a magazine.

3.     Can I help you? What are you (искать)?

4.     We are (ожидатьснетерпением) to having our trip to Australia.

5.     (Посмотреть) the sky! It is full of stars.

II. Use the necessary article

1. …Ben Nevis is the highest peak in Scotland.

2. Have you ever been to … Goby, one of the hottest places on our planet?

3. Is … Lake Baikal the deepest freshwater lake?

4. The best salmon is caught near … Orkney Islands.


Olympiad 2012/2013

Form 7

I. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.

I never (1. to forget) my wonderful journey to Brighton. Last summer I (2. to travel) there by sea. Our ship (3. to leave) at 10. I (4. to like) the sea and the wind. There (5. to be) a swimming –pool on board the ship, so I (6. can) swim a lot.

II. Choose the right article (a/ an/ the/ -).

1.     What … nice garden!

2.     What … deep knowledge!

3.     She had … long golden hair.

4.     Kate was … most beautiful girl in the village.

5.     It is such … attractive idea.

III. Choose the right pronoun.

1.     Hurry up! We don’t have … time (little, much, many).

2.     Are these … jeans? (your, yours, of you)

3.     Whose car is this? It isn’t  … (our, us, ours)

4.     Did Mike say … to her? (something, anything, anybody)

5.     They all enjoyed … at the party. (them, themselves, theirs)


Оlympiad    2012/2013

Form 6

I. Choose the necessary word.

   1. Very few/little people came to the party.

   2. There was few/little milk left in the cup.

   3. Do you know who/whose idea it was?

   4. The man who/which is sitting there is my brother.

   5. There isn’t nobody/anybody at home.

   6. Both/either Kate and Jane like ice-cream.

   7. Somebody/anybody entered the house.

   8. I don’t know something/anything about the party.   


II. Choose the right article (a/ an/ the/ -).

   1.      What … clever girl she is!

   2.      It is such … exciting news.

   3.      What … nice weather we are having today.

   4.      She had … long golden hair.


Оlympiad 2012/2013

Form 5

I. Use the correct forms of the verbs in brackets:

1. The holidays (to begin) last week.

2. He (to know) the history of Belarus very well.

3. Let’s come to my place. I (to show) you my new discs.

4. Is father at home? – No, he (not, to come) yet.

5. Every summer they (to go) fishing with their friends.


II. Put the prepositions where necessary:

1. Kate stayed – home – last weekend. She helped – her mother  - the house.

2. Can you come to see me – Sunday? Some – our friends will come too.

3. Our classes finish  - two o’clock. I’ll go  - the library – classes today. Do you want to come – me?


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